Welcome to Artistic Woodturners!
Welcome to Artistic Woodturners. We are a dynamic group of individuals who enjoy designing and making objects of wood, bone, stone and manmade synthetics such as Corian - in short, any material that is possible to shape on a woodturning lathe.

The cumulative turning experience of our current club members measures in the centuries! We enjoy monthly opportunities to share our accumulated experience and to meet, encourage, and teach newcomers about this craft. There are no mandatory assignments but each month brings a new challenge project that is first taught in a demonstration.



Turning material is frequently auctioned during meetings, providing inexpensive local access to project materials. A show and tell session is part of each meeting; members present recent projects for review and constructive criticism. We share our mistakes also, hoping to prevent others experiencing the same disappointing outcome. We especially stress safe turning practices.

We bring in recognized experts to demonstrate their unique skills and viewpoints. Staunch friendships develop readily. Twice yearly we party together, enjoying great food and voluntarily exchanging individually wrought objects. Membership is open to everyone who has interest in woodturning.

We possess an extensive library of books and DVD's about every aspect of turning - available without charge to all members. Many members serve as mentors, teaching their particular skills in a one-on-one situation.

We hope that the following pages will pique your interest and that you will consider attending one of our monthly gatherings. We are excited about what we do and think that we can infect you with our enthusiasm if given the opportunity.

Our meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. until noon, at:

Ragon Hall
2600 Stratford Road
Pensacola, FL



Artistic Woodturners of NW Florida is the 177th Chapter of the American Association of Woodturners
2017 Demo Schedule

Jan 21 - Jack Morse - 6-sided box
Feb 18 - Sawdust Session: Basic Bowl - Durk Estes, Basic hollowing - Ralph Thomas, Tool Sharpening - Ed Rose, Bud vase - Leland Leonard
Mar 18 - Al McCoy - Valve Stem Jewelry
Apr 22 - Frank Bowers - Log to a bowl; Beall buffing system
May 20 - John Byl - turning Corian, 4 part finial
June 17 - Norm Freeman - Peppermill/Salt Shaker
July 15 - Ralph Thomas - Square Platters
Aug 12* - Rudy Lopez - Winged bowl, 2-center bowl
Sept 16 - Adron Joyner - Sunset Viking Bowl
Oct 21 - Harvey Meyer - Baskets of Illusion
Nov 18 - Neil McWilliams - Bottle stoppers or other
Dec 16 - Christmas Party

April 22 Meeting (4TH SAT)

Note change in meeting date - 4th Sat. this month. Visiting demonstrator Frank Bowers will demo "log to a bowl" and Beall buffing system. $10 fee to club members; $20 fee for non-AAW members.

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